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Safety Hub - PayPal Law Enforcement Tool is a three-step process.
Step 1: Email Authentication
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After the first step is completed, you will receive an email containing a link to proceed to Step 2.

Please take the following steps in order to help identify and prioritize subpoenas relating to COVID-19 investigations. Submit the subpoena using the Safety Hub, and include “COVID-19” in the Case Reference Number field. Additionally, provide notice of the submission by emailing, including “COVID-19” in the subject line. Questions relating to COVID-19 investigations and subpoenas should also be directed to and include “COVID-19” in the subject line.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: COVID-19: Please be advised that due to precautions taken for staff health and safety, there may be delays in processing subpoenas and court orders, and responding to emails.

Any subpoenas requiring documents printed or notarized will be delayed by at least two weeks from the date they were due. PayPal will continue to prioritize subpoenas relating to life safety and other urgent matters. Should your case require immediate attention, please contact and include “URGENT LIFE SAFETY” in the subject line. We appreciate your patience during this time.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Case creation in the Safety Hub may take at least a day, and case handling is prioritized based on the due date entered by law enforcement into this portal. For Asset Freeze Orders or Emergency Disclosure Orders that require immediate attention, email the order to with High Importance notation and the following appropriate Subject line:
Only cases that involve an asset freeze/seizure and have immediate effect or involve an immediate threat to life/have an emergency disclosure will be handled via email.

PayPal Inc.

Global Investigations conducts complex investigations to identify financial crime patterns, trending, and typologies, and proactively works with internal and external partners, including law enforcement, to mitigate identified risks to PayPal and the global user community, and report matters to law enforcement where PayPal is the victim of a crime. Within Global Investigations, the Law Enforcement Fulfillment Team evaluates and handles global requests from criminal and law enforcement agencies, including Grand Jury subpoenas, National Security Letters, and seizure orders relating to criminal matters.

Resources for Law Enforcement Investigations

PayPal Inc. developed the Safety Hub – PayPal Law Enforcement Tool to enable law enforcement officers seeking records for investigations that relate to the PayPal global payment service to quickly and securely request this data. This site may only be used by law enforcement personnel and by submitting a request you are acknowledging that you are authorized to represent your agency.  

Please follow the directions as outlined above on the top of the page to begin the validation and submission process of your request.  

If you have further questions, please email us at to obtain information on how to accurately request records or visit our law enforcement center for additional information.  

Note to PayPal Inc. customers: To help PayPal provide the fastest assistance to law enforcement, this website and the above contact information may only be used by official government law enforcement or regulatory agencies. Member use of these communications will delay attention given to law enforcement investigations and may not receive attention by the appropriate PayPal department.

PayPal’s Privacy Policy and Law Enforcement Disclosure:  We care deeply about the privacy of the PayPal Inc. community and will protect the privacy of our members even while working closely with law enforcement to prevent criminal activity. If you are unsure about our privacy practices, please visit PayPal's Privacy Central for more information.